Friday, December 10, 2010

Bathroom Retreat.

 I get to spend the day designing my dream Bath for our
showroom in Sterling Virginia. I have never really taken time
to consider what I would want since I have never had the
funds or need to do so, constantly fulfilling others design needs
for there sanctuaries.

Very contemporary and although not inherently masculine, men
will gravitate towards the dark colors and the high contrast
between the marble and glass tones.

Ahhh Modern, Soothing and Spa like.

Nuetral with a modern twist. Most likely a european
design ( hence the bidet andwater closet).

This as a little too much going on for my tastes, but I still enjoy the rich colors
and dramatic accessories. Mediterranean details add flair.

I love this tub, although you'd have to be a bit on a contortionist to
fit into this number by the looks of it, not to mention live in the middle of a forest with
 no neighbors in sight unless your an exhibitionist!

Again, soothing cool water tones and traditional touches with a twist,
give a simple design a contemporary feel.

If I had a daughter who needed spoiling and an extra 20k laying
 around this would be the vanity in her bath.
Cinderella elegance. 

Sleek, contemporary, well executed.

I will post my design when construction is completed.

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  1. Looks awesome! I will def have to come check out your show room when we are home at Christmas! Love the first bathroom... and I am a sucker for anything purple.