Monday, January 24, 2011

D.I.Y Design 1.24.11

Bright Lights, Big Statement
Bring romantic ambience to your bedroom with a headboard
that glows. Build a simple wood frame from 2x4s, and add crossbeams to
create as many light "frames" as you like. Drill small holes
 in the bottom of each opening. (Make sure the holes are
 large enough to feed the light cords through.) Paint your frame,
 then attach it to the wall, screwing it into the studs.
 Fill each space with lights, connecting the cords as you go.
The translucent panels were cut from polycarbonate sheet
 and affixed to the frame with screws. If you don't
want to cut the polycarbonate yourself, have it cut to
size at your local home supply center.

Read All About It
Letters of all shapes and sizes combine to create an artistic
 headboard in this bedroom. These letters are placed in a
random arrangement, but the color consistency keeps
 the design from looking chaotic. If you prefer a
 tidier look, find letters of the same size and color and
spell words or phrases.

Canvas Your World
Or anything for that matter, by hanging painted
canvas with your choice artwork you can
 achieve depth and design, quite simply.  This is a very clean
look that can be turned more contemporary
of traditional depending on artwork choice.

Decal Decor
Probably the easiest and quickest of the bunch, Vinyl Decals
 are all the rage these days and
there are endless possibilties as to what you can do. 
Check out etsy's array of designs to find your
perfect and unique design!

Framed Memories
Taking several personal photographs and having them framed
creates symmetry in the bedroom.
This look can also feature may different sized shapes and colored frames
for a more eclectic and urban vibe.

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